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RPI provides a broad spectrum of services in the areas of marketing and corporate communication, including developing and implementing communication strategies for corporate clients; producing and distributing business periodicals and marketing materials; conducting media and public relations; and organizing business events.
Today, corporate communication is one of the fastest-growing areas of our operations.
Our 19 years of experience in the fuel and energy industry underpin our ability to deeply understand clients' objectives, consistently provide them with high-quality products and services, and ultimately to devise the most effective solutions for enabling them to meet the demands of the market and industry.
The factors that most distinguish RPI from other PR companies - exclusive focus on the oil and gas industry, availability of industry expertise, and years of experience in the effective use of various communication tools - are brought to bear in addressing the challenges and opportunities our clients face.
Our competitive advantages:
Specialization - In focusing exclusively on the fuel and energy industry, RPI is aware of all developments and trends taking place within the industry's various segments.
Forecasting - Deep understanding of the fuel and energy industry permits RPI to focus its analysis on the key factors driving the industry's development and provide accurate forward-looking scenarios, thus helping clients make better management decisions.
Effectiveness - RPI provides clients with information and advice that helps them meet practical business challenges ranging from fundraising to the implementation of major new projects.
Reputation - RPI's depth of experience, the wide-scale interest of industry players in its products and services, and the popularity of its conferences underscore the firm's strong reputation as a true and respected industry expert.
Comprehensive solutions to problems - RPI's diversified services and single-industry specialization enable it to meet the multidisciplinary objectives of its customers.
Global reach and local presence - RPI's head office in Moscow provides direct contact with the market and a clear understanding of clients' needs for the development of their business in the Former Soviet Union.
Our mission is to contribute to our clients’ success through providing best-in-class services.