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Since 1992, RPI has been providing specialized consulting, analytical and communication services to oil and gas companies, government agencies, investment and other financial services institutions, and manufacturers of oil and gas equipment from various countries. These companies operate primarily in Russia as well as other parts of the Former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.
After having addressed their objectives for nearly 20 years, RPI has acquired a depth of experience that today enables us to offer a wide range of services to oil and gas industry-related companies seeking to grow their businesses.
Our mission is to provide clients with products and services that ensure their success in this endeavor.
RPI's specialists have extensive communication experience in the oil and gas industry - having worked at the industry's largest companies - a deep understanding of all industry trends, and unique skills in marketing and corporate communication.
The communication departments of client-companies work closely with the research department of RPI, which contributes industry knowledge and expertise to PR and marketing projects.
The specialist skills and talents of our team will enable companies to meet communication objectives of any level of complexity with 100%-results in each project.
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