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Media analysis and monitoring
Media monitoring, although a semingly simple undertaking, is frequently a key product for companies, specifically, for their communication departments. Monitoring reflects the effectiveness of interactions with a company’s target audiences. Content monitoring can track the changes in audience perception and the reputation of the company’s public representatives.
RPI offers a unique media monitoring product that is not based solely on keywords but also takes into consideration a wider thematic range that includes subjects of relevance to the client company and the industry. Moreover, modern interactive monitoring technology enables the most important publications and references to be quickly retrieved.
In addition to standard media monitoring, RPI offers an expanded and more effective service that analyzes the media environment in which client companies operate. This service provides a look at the tone and caliber of the publication citing the client as well as the frequency with which the client is mentioned and its management representatives are quoted.
An example of media analysis conducted for one of our clients: