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Evaluating the effectiveness of communication programs and activities
Even the most professional communication teams, from time to time, require constructive and objective scrutiny of their performance by an independent source. For this purpose, companies engage consultants.
RPI has been providing consulting services for analyzing the effectiveness of communication activities for more than 10 years. Year after year, a steady stream of companies turns to us for this service - a clear indication of our clients' satisfaction and the high quality of our services.
Our services for evaluating the effectiveness of company communication efforts include:
  • Analysis of the client-company's existing market positioning and perception by targeted audiences, from the perspective of strategy and current business objectives;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of current ongoing communication projects;
  • Analysis of the existing communication system followed by recommendations for optimizing and streamlining the application of communication tools, as well as the development and implementation of tools for working with targeted audiences;
  • Implementation of an internal system for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of communication programs and activities.