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A communication strategy is derived from a company's strategic goals and objectives. It is the key element in building a corporate communication system and developing the ability to solve strategic business problems through meaningful interactions with target audiences.
Application of the communication strategy together with standard business tools helps companies increase their capitalization, create a polished image, manage their reputation and contribute to achieving current business objectives.
RPI develops communication strategies in four stages:
  • Conducting a comprehensive audit of all aspects of a company's communication activities and a study of audience expectations.
  • Formulation and communication of goals and objectives, taking into account the company’s business objectives.
  • Development of key aspects of the positioning mechanism to leverage communications tools as part of the company’s objectives.
  • Formulation of an implementation plan and establishment of key performance indicators for communication work.
RPI has the experience and resources needed to devise an effective communication strategy for your company. The results of our strategy-development projects and communication activity-planning are the basis for effective corporate communication systems at a number of large industrial organizations.
Elements of communication strategies for client-companies:
Target characteristics of communication activity