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Media relations for company communication efforts is aimed primarily at ensuring that key messages are effectively communicated to target audiences. A communication team's success or lack thereof in getting its message across is perhaps the single most important factor in determining its effectiveness.
Moreover, RPI's experience in providing informational support for its clients communication efforts demonstrates that even the smallest technical error can have serious reputational consequences for the client-company, thus underscoring the critical nature of this aspect of communication work.
RPI's specialists provide the following services to effectively manage media relations on behalf of clients:
  • Organizing of materials about the client for publication in the mass media;
  • Conducting public events for the media and other target audiences;
  • Conducting "closed" expository meetings between company executives and members of target groups, including the media;
  • Conveying information to target audiences using interactive communication tools;
  • Preparing presentations, topics, and speeches for company management, for public appearances.
RPI provides a complete range of media relations services to clients, working with them in the capacity of consultant as well as technical project coordinator. We also offer clients a subscription service, whereby we serve as an external press office, providing on an ongoing basis in-depth information about the client to the media.